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Simulation of Inductance and Eddy Currents by Means of a Rod Core Inductor

An rod core inductor contains 5 turns with a copper wire d = 0.8 mm. The length of the core is 20 mm. If the coil is moved along the core axis, the inductance change. It can vary to twice of the inductance in center position.

Figure 1.1 Inductance as a function of position

The flux density shown in figure 1.2 cause eddy currents contributing significant to the electrical powerloss .

Figure 1.2 flux density Figure 1.3 electrical power loss f = 1 – 100 kHz

Also like the inductance, electrical power losses by eddy currents are even a function of coil position. But here it was not considered. Figure 1.3 shows the power loss for center position.