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Advantages of Planar Transformers

The main advantages are the low hight and the good high frequency properties which leads to a high power density. High prices of multilayer prevented in the past a commercial sucess. However a improved switching technology achieved higher frequency and planar transformer became again interesting. High switching frequency are the base for reduction of turn numbers and therefore multilayer become smaller and cheaper. Even multilayer itself are now available for reasonable prices and planar transformer are produceable with comparable prices to conventional winding transformer in certain application areas. Above all, this statement is valid for AC/DC converters with a high power request.
The advantages can be summerized:
-lower hight
-excellent low leakage inductance
-high frequency capability
-high efficiency
-good thermal performance
-high power density
-high voltage application
-variable pinning for long creeping distances
-easy contacts for high currents
-solid mechanical construction
-high process capability
Of course there are some disadvantages:
  - not economical at low power ranges with low switching frequency
  - the foodprint may be larger