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Due to the low component hight planar transformers and inductors are applicated in telecomunication electronics. For automotive a high power density and a solid mechanical construction is decisive. Planar magnetics can also have an economical advantage if these are used in high power ranges up to several kW. Indepentable from the application area the delopment with planar transformers can be devided in electronic technologies:

– DC converter
  AC – DC converter (due to safity norms for instance UL 1950)
  Signal transformers
  Filter (z.B. ADSL)

Depending on power and switching frequency different converters are recommended:

Flyback converter       low power up to 50W
                                  f < 250 kHz

Forward converter       P > 40 W
                                  f < 500 kHz

Resonance converter   P > 40 W
                                  f > 300 kHz up to several MHz