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Design of Planar Transformer

Planar Transformers are characterized by a combination of low component hights with high power densities. Instead of conventional wound bobbins, windings are realized by a multilayer. A multilayer consists of several copper layers with etched spirals building windings. The magnetic circle is closed by a planar ferrit core. The electrical connection is made by pins. Number and diameter of the pins can be customized.

Multilayer are able to lead high currents by available thick copper layers. For currents higher than 250A it is possible to use the stacking technology, which contains copper lead frames.

Applications can be implemented in follwing forms:
IIntegrated form:

All windings are realized in the main board. For econamical reasons it is recommended to use it only if a multilyer is already necessary due to the routing.
Hybrid form:

Power windings are realized in an extra multilayer and auxilary windings are integrated in the main board.
Stand alone component:

Windings are only realized in a multilayer. The component can be assembled in SMT or THT on a main board.