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Power Diagrams for Fullbridge converter
Inputvoltage:               12V
Outputvoltage:             42V
Temperature increase: 50°C
Ferritmaterial:  3C96 bzw. 3F35 von Ferroxcube

Calculations assume only air cooling without heatsinks. Despite the excellent efficiency heatsinks are used for higher power ranges to increase the performance. Planartransformers are suitable for addtional cooling because the planes on top and bottom allows a good thermal combound between core and heatsink or main board.
Die windings are calculated for multilayer and quantities are for orientation. The diagrams are made for ferrit materials 3C96 and 3F35. The 'power dents' arise where ferrit material change from 3C96 to 3F35 at higher frequency.
g Power Diagram E - I Core Series

g Power Diagram RMLP Core Series

g Power Diagram EQ/PLT Core Series