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Planar Core Shapes

The most common types are devided in three categories. All ferrit cores are characterized by an good ratio from volume to effective magnetic area. The centerpost directions are vertical and the cores have relative large surfaces. Therefore planar transformer have a good thermal performance which can be further improved by a thermal contact from planar core to main board.
Main producer are EPCOS and FERROXCUBE but also Asian producer like SAMWHA offers good ferrit materials.
E and I Core Series

Often applicated planar forms are E and I cores. There are available in series from E14 up to E64 with a considerable transmitable power of 5kW and more. Depending on requirements the cores can be used in E-E or E-I combination. In E-I combination you can achieve the lowest planar components. Planar E-I cores have reasonable prices.
RMLP Core Series

Derived from the RM series there is a RMLP core series from RM4LP up to RM14LP. RMLP cores allows good power densities. But the components are higher than other planar core series.
ER or EQ Core Series

With round centerpost and low hight ER cores allows to applicate the highest power densities. But at the moment this shape is not wide spreaded. However ferrit producer aim at it. A corresponding IEC norm already exists.